I recently visited my daughters and their families in MN. and find myself editing their room design.  One is more traditional like her mom, and the other one is very contemporary.  I feel very comfortable in both homes, and am very pleased when my daughters and I talk about ideas to make their homes even better.  A favorite past time of mine is painting; as you know if you have read any of my other blogs and having painted all of the walls in my home I now paint on canvas.   And yes, those paintings show up in my daughter’s homes, probably much to my daughter’s dismay.  While I am visiting them, I feel somewhat like a grade school kid beaming ear to ear; proud that my artwork is being displayed in a prominent area of their homes.   This last visit I was given the honor of decorating my granddaughter’s room.  I painted several canvases to hang on the walls, color coordinated it with the bedding we had picked out on another trip and I even got to paint the walls.

Granddaughter's room


You can get some great ideas for decorating your home in magazines, catalogs, tv shows, model homes, even shopping at the mall or in a furniture store.   The problem is the designed spaces are perfect; too perfect.  It’s as though no one even lives in the space and it really doesn’t fit daily living.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate the look and feel to fit your life style. 

If you are furniture shopping to re-do a whole room, don’t buy all the furniture in a day or in one place.  You want to create a room over time, with favorite treasures, memories of a past trip where you found the coolest coffee table you shipped back… 

So how do you get started then you ask?  Start with a journal or idea board to keep thoughts, pages of rooms or pieces of furniture you like.  Go around your home to pull in some of the things you already have to create the new room you want. 

Use items in a different way rather than the way they were meant to be used to create a unique space.   Mix and match colors and prints on fabric to use on windows, pillows, table runners and throws.  Collect various local artists pieces that pulls the colors from the fabrics you’ve chosen.  

This will help create an eclectic look all your own and you can be sure that you won’t have that “Cookie Cutter” look of your next door neighbor.