window treatments

Have you been to the stores and seen the new peel and stick decals you can use instead of stenciling your walls?  There are flowers, butterflies, balloons, teddy bears, cars, blocks, Disney characters… You get the idea.  While visiting my family in MN this last time, I came across these decals and thought it would be a great border in my granddaughter’s room.  I bought her favorite butterflies and a package of circles; just in case I needed more than one package to do the whole room.   

I randomly placed them along one of the walls as a border, but I never had the time to finish this process on the remaining walls before I had to leave.  A couple of days later I received a call from my daughter, she told me that my granddaughter did a little of her own “decorating” and had removed all the decals from her wall! 

I told my daughter that the border idea would have to wait until she was a little older, but in the meantime they could be placed above the closet and bedroom doors, on the inset panels of the doors (out of her reach).  Even above or around any of the hanging pictures would be cute!

They can be used on furniture, plastic containers that hold seasonal clothing, toys and stored in the closet.  How cute would that be to open the closet doors and see these containers personalized to match the room!  Use them on mirrors, windows in bathrooms, the ideas are endless!


I have always had a problem completing a room’s design when it comes to the windows.  I love the designer look that you see in all the magazines, in the stores, model homes, and on decorating shows…  I just don’t care for the price tag and the permanantcy of creating a designer look treatment.

Today there are so many options and choices; even the local home improvement stores have tons of accessories to help you create your own designer look!

There are few “rules” to decorating that I follow myself when decorating my own home.  One of my pet peeves though is to pass a home that is nicely landscaped and compliments the colors of the home and then as you look at the windows…  Every window has a different treatment that throws the whole look out the window!  So my first rule to creating a beautiful window treatment is to start with a cohesive look to the outside of the home.  Simply stated, pick a type of shade, blind or sheer to put on every window in the house.  I use bamboo roman shades on all my windows.

Now, if you have been reading any of my blogs, you know I like to make changes all the time because I become bored.  Once you choose the base, then the sky pretty much is the limit! 

Besides all the choices at the home stores for curtain rods, finials, brackets, other choices (these are the ones I always like.. the other choices).  Bamboo poles and branches make good curtain rods.   Those metal art pieces made of rod iron work well with swags.  Tie back brackets work for tie or tab curtain panels instead of curtain rods and can be placed above windows in an arch or wave pattern.

Then there is all the fabric choices!  Okay, we’ve established I like change so this is where I get the most bang for the buck!  I can go from floral, plaid, paisley (my favorite!), colorblock or solid color in an instant!  Not only do I change my window treatment fabrics a lot, I can change them from room to room since I have stayed within five colors as my foundation for decorating my whole house!  Are you still with me?  Panels of fabric can be swags, or valances, or can be used for the intented purpose as panels.

You can get that really expensive look of designer fashions by buying panels in the normal length of 84″ and a second panel and make a panel with the combined two panels into floor puddling to ceiling height lengths at a fraction of the cost!  Not to mention unique one of a kind design!

Are you still reading?  Get up and start your own window designs, it’s that easy!