Have you been to the stores and seen the new peel and stick decals you can use instead of stenciling your walls?  There are flowers, butterflies, balloons, teddy bears, cars, blocks, Disney characters… You get the idea.  While visiting my family in MN this last time, I came across these decals and thought it would be a great border in my granddaughter’s room.  I bought her favorite butterflies and a package of circles; just in case I needed more than one package to do the whole room.   

I randomly placed them along one of the walls as a border, but I never had the time to finish this process on the remaining walls before I had to leave.  A couple of days later I received a call from my daughter, she told me that my granddaughter did a little of her own “decorating” and had removed all the decals from her wall! 

I told my daughter that the border idea would have to wait until she was a little older, but in the meantime they could be placed above the closet and bedroom doors, on the inset panels of the doors (out of her reach).  Even above or around any of the hanging pictures would be cute!

They can be used on furniture, plastic containers that hold seasonal clothing, toys and stored in the closet.  How cute would that be to open the closet doors and see these containers personalized to match the room!  Use them on mirrors, windows in bathrooms, the ideas are endless!


I love to entertain; the planning and the preparation is all part of it.  I think of the person(s) who will be a part of party and make meaningful and personal for them.  I don’t even mind the cleaning frenzy I get into; mind you I have three dogs and a husband that work against me at all times.

You don’t have to go all out to make your home inviting, as my husband says, “they are not coming to see how good a housekeeper you are, they are coming to see you.”   So I try to keep that in mind and not worry about the house so much as I think of little things that will make my guests more comfortable. 

I will clean up the guest room, fresh linens on the bed and towels in the guest bath.  Along with a basket at bedside that contains a book, crossword puzzles, bottled water, snacks, and pain reliever.  I even set up a small coffee bar with mugs, canister of coffee, assorted basket of teas, hot chocolate so they don’t feel they have to wait until they hear someone stirring outside their room to come out.

I place another basket in the bath with personal sized shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, soaps and I even place a bath robe and slippers in the room for their use.  

I create a gift bag and a personal note with travel size lotion and body spray, candies, a scented candle; it doesn’t need to be expensive, just personal.  I set this on the bed so they see it when they enter the room, this let’s them know how much I look forward to their visits and how much it means to me.

These little things take very little of my time, but has a huge impact on my guests.  They don’t care if I didn’t get my floors mopped or the flower beds weeded.  Best of all I get to enjoy my company and the weeds and floors can wait.

I am sure most of you have been following my wife’s journey through the various topics of waterfalls and faux painting, and baskets, but living with it is an entirely different experience.  I love my wife dearly, let me just state that fact first, and no that does not mean that I am now going to trash what she does as I am not.  What I am going to highlight is that sometimes when you walk into your own home, you need to turn around back out the door to verify that you actually came into the right house because it is not what you left in the morning.

There is a level of obsession when married to a person passionate about decorating, things change all the time.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not, sometimes an improvement, sometimes an experiment.  Our Roomba is even so confused as to what is going on that she refuses to come out and vacuum anymore, now what does that tell you!.  Don’t get me wrong, most of these changes I think are great, they enhance our home and make it more enjoyable to live in, but there are others that makes you want to say “What the heck were you thinking”.  In either event, there is never a dull moment in this house with all of these changes.  I just hope I never go blind because I think I will end up starving to death trying to get to the kitchen!

I know what you are thinking; “How can you possibly be organized if you are always on the go?”  I think the real question is: “How can you not?”    To me clutter is a show stopper, I can not operate in a messy, chaotic place.   So I am going to give you some advice and it may take time to change your ways, but I think you will be better for it if you follow through.  Identify your clutter and determine the best way to manage it.

1)  Take the time (I mean the extra step or two) to put things in their rightful place.  The things you use daily should have a proper place, ie: car keys are always located in the dish next to the door you leave out of.  

2)  Junk mail should be discarded the moment you go through your mail.  Bills should be placed in the bill basket. 

3)  Shoes go to the closet, discarded clothes directly go to the dirty clothes basket.

4)  Unload the dishwasher of clean dishes every morning while coffee is brewing, throughout the day load dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  Run it every night and unload again every morning.

5)  Run a load of clothes daily; this way you never have to spend a whole day “doing laundry.”  Have a dedicated place where you fold items and everytime you pass this location on the way to a room where clean items need to be returned; grab them and put them away.

6)  Have a basket next to the door to place “errand” items in so the next day as you are running out the door you just grab it and go.

7)  Whenever changing out towels, do a little dusting on the way to place them in the dirty laundry basket.

8)  Keep a running grocery list on the frig, this way you won’t forget you finished off the last of the mayo when you need it in your salad!

9)  Lay out the kid’s clothes the night before, have them help pick them out.

Okay, you get the idea.  If you follow my motto; “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  It will be so much easier on you!