I recently visited my daughters and their families in MN. and find myself editing their room design.  One is more traditional like her mom, and the other one is very contemporary.  I feel very comfortable in both homes, and am very pleased when my daughters and I talk about ideas to make their homes even better.  A favorite past time of mine is painting; as you know if you have read any of my other blogs and having painted all of the walls in my home I now paint on canvas.   And yes, those paintings show up in my daughter’s homes, probably much to my daughter’s dismay.  While I am visiting them, I feel somewhat like a grade school kid beaming ear to ear; proud that my artwork is being displayed in a prominent area of their homes.   This last visit I was given the honor of decorating my granddaughter’s room.  I painted several canvases to hang on the walls, color coordinated it with the bedding we had picked out on another trip and I even got to paint the walls.

Granddaughter's room


The bed is the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom and it should be “dressed” to fit the decor of the rest of the room.  Besides doesn’t everyone deserve a little pampering and luxury?  I do! 

Buy the highest thread count cotton that you can afford and remember you really only need two sets of sheets, so splurge a little!  Like get one set in a tone on tone stripe and the other set in a coordinating color scheme; another pattern or solid.  I love mixing patterns and there really are no rules to follow, but one thing I like to make sure when selecting a mix is that at least all the patterns are casual or formal to fit the rest of the theme.  You would be surprised how many different looks you can achieve with just two sets of sheets!

You can stretch your dollar even further by buying duvet covers in different patterns and colors to match your decor and swap them up to create several designer looks!  The bed skirt should be a solid color that coordinates with all your colors and patterns.   To finish the look, buy pillow and shams to coordinate all the looks and pull the whole bed together.  When you buy your sheets, duvet covers, shams and pillows make sure you have a few solid colors along with the patterns.  You need a balance when putting the whole thing together!

Okay, now that you have selected all your bedding; it’s Time to Make the Bed!  Layering is key and you can mix the sheet sets anyway you want.  Go for it and have fun!