Fall has officially arrived and with it longer, cooler evenings.  The perfect time to lounge outside!  I love this time of year and look forward to creating a special little spot to enjoy it. 

You guessed it; I walk around my home and pick out items that I want to use in my outdoor room.  Seating is critical so I selected a futon that is only used when I have overnight guests, and a couple of chairs.  A few plant stands that will work as side tables and framed mirrors for the tops.  In my linen closet I found some curtains, pillows, and a throw to bring in color.

This past summer I came across some really cool french doors that some one had thrown out; they will make a great folding screen.  I also found a discarded bathroom vanity that will make a great beverage bar; another mirror could work for the top and a couple of shelves added inside to hold drinkware.

A couple of house plants that could use some fresh potting soil and add a homey touch to my outdoor living area.  I will add a candlescape and frame a couple of favorite summer photos to create the perfect “room” to enjoy.

One last thing!  How can I forget a water feature?  There’s a urn that held a plant that I managed to kill…. it will make a great water feature for my room.  Well I better get to work or my room won’t get done!  Hey, what are you waiting for?  Go create your own special area to enjoy this weather!