I know what you are thinking; “How can you possibly be organized if you are always on the go?”  I think the real question is: “How can you not?”    To me clutter is a show stopper, I can not operate in a messy, chaotic place.   So I am going to give you some advice and it may take time to change your ways, but I think you will be better for it if you follow through.  Identify your clutter and determine the best way to manage it.

1)  Take the time (I mean the extra step or two) to put things in their rightful place.  The things you use daily should have a proper place, ie: car keys are always located in the dish next to the door you leave out of.  

2)  Junk mail should be discarded the moment you go through your mail.  Bills should be placed in the bill basket. 

3)  Shoes go to the closet, discarded clothes directly go to the dirty clothes basket.

4)  Unload the dishwasher of clean dishes every morning while coffee is brewing, throughout the day load dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  Run it every night and unload again every morning.

5)  Run a load of clothes daily; this way you never have to spend a whole day “doing laundry.”  Have a dedicated place where you fold items and everytime you pass this location on the way to a room where clean items need to be returned; grab them and put them away.

6)  Have a basket next to the door to place “errand” items in so the next day as you are running out the door you just grab it and go.

7)  Whenever changing out towels, do a little dusting on the way to place them in the dirty laundry basket.

8)  Keep a running grocery list on the frig, this way you won’t forget you finished off the last of the mayo when you need it in your salad!

9)  Lay out the kid’s clothes the night before, have them help pick them out.

Okay, you get the idea.  If you follow my motto; “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  It will be so much easier on you!