You’ve seen beautifully decorated rooms on tv, in magazines, even when you walk into a furniture store – it feels so inviting.  And then your eyes refocus on your own room…  no matter what you do, it just doesn’t measure up!

Don’t despair!  You can have that designer styled room, for little money, and you can do it.  Have a little faith in yourself.  Start with a small room.  Go through a couple of catalogs, magazines and tear out pages of rooms you really like.  What elements of those pages caught your eye?   Write your thoughts down and keep these with the pages you have.

Next, clean everything and I mean everything out of the room you are going to stage.  Note to self; “This is a good time to purge!  Get rid of junk, clutter and donate anything you no longer need!”  Part of the process of staging a home is to declutter.  It frees your mind and gives you energy. 

This is also a good time to patch holes, touch up trim work and paint the room.  (Check out my blogs on painting).  Clean the floors, if you have carpeting, steam clean it.    Now don’t you feel better? 

One key element that is very important throughout this whole process is “Less is Best!” 

Once you have all the cleaning and repairs done it is time to start the staging.  Start with the largest piece of furniture that is going to be in the room.  This will be your focal point.  Add the next piece(s); arranging them in a pleasing layout.  You want the furniture arranged to maximize the space in the room and be inviting. 

The window treatments and wall decorations are next.  Refer back to your pages if need be.  Wall arangements are similar to furniture placement.  Lay the paintings, photos, mirrors – whatever you are using out on the floor and arrange the pieces until you are pleased with the results.  Similar pieces for a cohesive look and spacing are very important! 

Once you are ready to hang the items:  make sure that the center of the arrangement is eye level; 60″ to 70″ above floor, unless placing above furniture, then the bottom of frame should be 8″ to 10″ above back of furniture.  Start with the center piece and work around it until you have it all in place.  Step back and admire your work – you deserve it!

Adding floor plants or other little greenery are the last touches to finish your new designer staged room.  You will gain confidence and energy from this room – now go conquer the next one!