I love fountains, ponds and the bubbling sounds of water cascading.  And I love to create little garden settings with tiny fountains using planters picked up at any home improvement store. 

The fountains can be any shape – square, round, urn and any size that will hold a fountain pump.   (Refer to my blog on water fountains to get the list of items needed to create a fountain).  You will also need to buy a clear plastic liner used for catching water under pots; one that will be large enough to sit at the lip of planter you are using for the fountain.

Drill a bunch of holes in the plastic liner to allow water to flow back down to the pump.  Place pump on a brick or small flat rock for stability.  Set the plastic liner on lip of planter, pour layer of pea gravel for base of landscaped garden.  I collect rocks and shells (see my blog on “Are you a Collector?) and I like to use my finds in my landscaped fountains.

I also like to use things like: driftwood, pitchers that I can drill a hole in for the water to trickle out of, aquarium ceramics to create scenes, greenery…  Okay you get the idea.  You are only limited by your own imagination!