There is something soothing about the sound of moving water.  I never knew how drawn to water a person can be; until I got the bug!  I had just moved to Oklahoma and was not in the mood to unpack all my boxes.  Robert had come across a flier about some pond tour – it sounded like fun; let’s go!  (Anything is better than unpacking, right?) 

So we dropped everything, got in the car and went to the nearest garden store and picked up a copy of the “Pond Tour” book.  What’s a pond tour you ask?  It’s just like the popular garden tours in other regions.  We drove around, walked the ponds, talked with the homeowners and after a long afternoon spent avoiding the unpacking – headed home to dream of our own pond and garden.   (You didn’t think I was heading home to unpack; did you?)

The tour book had directions to build a small water feature; it was so simple and I had just the perfect place to put one in our backyard!  This was the beginning of my obsession with ponds and water features. 

 Water gardening is easier than ever, and even if you are an amateur, building a garden pond is limited only by your imagination!  Let me share with you a couple that I have created. 

The first one came out of the pond tour guide and uses one of those small pond liners (found in a garden store).  You will need:

pre-formed pond liner (about the size of a medium planter), pump, shovel, a level, a clean brick, pipes, valves, and fittings, bag of river rock, larger rocks for edging, flexible liner, chicken wire, bag of sand, wire snippers

Dig a hole deeper and wider than the pre-formed liner.  Using the level and sand; make sure bottom of hole is level before placing the liner in the hole.  Back-fill liner to ensure it is supported and stable.  Set a brick inside liner to raise the fountain pump above the bottom of pond.  This helps keep debris from clogging pump.  Note:  you need to plan your location close to an outdoor outlet; the pump requires electricity!

Measure length of rigid pipe for the fountain height from top of pump to the surface of the ground, plus six inches.  With the pump sitting on the brick, attach rigid pipe into pump.  Cut chicken wire into four foot squares to place a couple of layers on top of liner with pipe in a center hole.  This will support the covering over pond and keep fountain centered. Use a flexible pond liner that you have made slits in for water to penetrate and a larger one for the pipe.  This liner will further keep debris out of your water feature and make it more maintenance free! 

Place river rock at edges of liner and chicken wire to anchor it and work in and around the fountain pipe until ground area is completely covered.  Fill water feature with water and plug in the pump once liner is filled.  Place larger rocks around the pipe to stablize the fountain and the water makes the sound that is pleasing to you.  I know this sounds really complicated, but I promise it isn’t; it’s also very rewarding!

Check back again for another water feature for indoors!  I can’t give you all my ideas at once and remember I told you water features are addicting!