Okay, did you think I would really stop before I reached 101 ways?  Sorry, not going to happen because I love baskets!  Let’s see, I think we are still in the kitchen: 

28 a long rectangular one will hold paper dinner napkins

29 another for beverage napkins

30 roll your linen napkins and tablecloths; place together in a  basket

Just a note: rolling your linens prevents those ugly creases that always need to be ironed out before you can set your table for a dinner party and your linens will last longer if rolled!

31  a large basket can hold a set of glasses; pull it out for Happy Hour

32 place several herb pots in a plastic lined basket and set on a window ledge

33 large ones can hide mis-matched planters to hold your larger house plants

34 pool side; a laundry basket will hold rolled beach towels nicely

35 another to catch wet beach towels

36 a large one turned upside down works great as a portable cocktail table

37 cassettes, CD’s and DVD collections

38 board games

39 a picnic basket works great for carrying blankets

40 craft supplies

41 pencils, crayons, and markers each in their own basket

Are you still doubting that I can list 101 ways to use baskets?  Or have I lost you again back there somewhere?  Catch up, we have a way to go yet! 

42 in the office, a picnic basket can double as a file cabinet – it’s portable!

43 a bill paying center

44 have a dedicated “In” basket

45 and outgoing mail

46 in the car (yes, in the car), a picnic basket can be a catch-all!

47 a large basket with a hinged lid can be a toy chest and double as a bench

48 put together a “guest” basket for overnight guests, toothbrush, travel sized toiletries, paperback book, pen and staitionary

49 another basket for individual sized snacks in guest room or media room

Have you noticed we are about halfway there!  Hey, are your eyes glazed over?  You will never look at a basket the same way and I bet you will think twice before throwing one away.