Did I tell you I love Baskets!  I’m not sure why… Maybe it’s the textile look, the range of colors, variety of shapes and sizes or is it the versatility?  The best part is that most of them are free or at least fairly inexpensive!  

I use them all over my home for organizing and decorating.  I’m sure I can list out 101 ways to use them, so here we go!

1 line your closet shelves with baskets and fill them with:  

2 scarves,

3 gloves,

4 belts,

4 photos,

5 hats,

6 sweaters

7 In the bathroom, place baskets under the sink, on the counter, around the tub, on the floor.  They can hold a multitude of:

8 roll your bath towels and set on end

9 magazines

10 cosmetics

11 on top of the toilet holds extra t.p.

12 one with a lid to hold female products

13 a flat shallow one works as a tray to hold your Mason jar collection (you know, the ones with the q-tips, cotton balls, brushes)

14 as a trash can

15 in the bedrooms; use one for all those remotes that lay on top of the nightstand

16 several on a blank wall for a visual effect

17 in the foyer under a bench or table to hold all those dog leashes, scarves, mittens, and hats

18 on top of the table or shelf to catch keys, phones, mail

19 in the kitchen… 

Hey are you still with me?  I think the ones in the kitchen are the best yet!

20  in the pantry closet to hold individual packets of cocoa, tea, oatmeal

21 sleeves of crackers

22 group your spices (so you can pull out a set you use in – say, your chili)

23 stack a group of them and display them on top of the cabinets or frig

24 use them to hold dishes when serving food to company 

25 keep your outdoor silver (or plastic) ware, napkins, dishes in a handled one

26 another to hold your ketchup, mustard, and relish – you can even leave them in the basket in the frig!

I think this is my all time favorite use of a basket yet!  Are you ready?  I feel like I’m talking to myself by this point!

27  a basket with a lid (a hinged one if you can find it) to use on the kitchen counter…

You know where you have all those cell phone chargers?  Place a outlet strip inside the basket and make a hole just big enough to pull the plug through it.  Are you beginning to picture this? Place a piece of cardboard or thin plywood on top of this to create a shelf to rest your cell phones on.  Close the lid and it looks so much better than all those cords and phones sitting there!

 Okay, I won’t bore you any longer.  Add a few of your own ideas to share… come on, I know you have baskets laying around.  Put them to use!