I have always loved decorating.  I remember as a kid I’d pour over magazines and catalogs for hours dreaming of the home I would own one day.  It was my favorite past time back then and still is today.  Thank goodness for HGTV, DIY and other decorating networks!  Now I can watch decorating shows whenever.  I admit it; I am addicted to decorating. 

I have become a fairly experienced painter and I can do most DIY projects myself.  It can be quite liberating to tackle and finish projects including koi ponds, extensive landscaping, complete home renovations (including an inn that became an award winning business the first year my husband and I owned it!). 

 Currently we are real estate agents in sunny Florida.  Now I get to look at a lot of homes and the way they are decorated!  As with the inn; we take real estate to a higher level with the help of technology (this is my husband’s favorite past time – anything “techie”).  Anyway, I am a visual person and I help my clients to visualize themselves in a new home.

My husband and I love to eat and because of this; we love (or is that need?) to workout.  Tennis, biking, eliptical training, and weight lifting are our weapons of choice to fight the battle of the bulge. 

I need everything to be clean and organized in my life and home, much against the undoings of my husband and three dogs.  This is a constant undertaking and I think I’m losing ground.  So I guess I will close my eyes as my only other option is to lose the husband and dogs! 

I have two married daughters; the oldest is a Floor Designer for a furniture company and has two fun loving dogs.  My youngest is a stay at home mom for my beautiful baby granddaughter.  My husband, my daughters and their families are my inspiration in life.

 I hope my passion for decorating helps you in your own mission to create a home you and your family will love!